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A traveller, a wanderer, a nomad, a storyteller. An individual fascinated by the world and its stories. A global citizen on a quest to explore, to learn, to unlearn, to observe, to understand, to engage, to create.


I grew up as a third culture kid on three different continents and haven’t stopped traveling since. I currently split the majority of my time between Seattle, East and Southern Africa, and India, where I follow my curiosity wherever it may lead. My interests are wide and varied. I work in policy research, political mobilization, and development and social entrepreneurship. I am a student and teacher of yoga and meditation. I am a storyteller.


My insatiable thirst for travel inspires my writing and photography and drives me to veer off-the beaten path. From outdoor adventure and food and wine culture, to wildlife conservation and stories of under-represented places, I explore writing across a wide range of topics and genres, following what captures my attention.

I have worked with gender equality and socioeconomic development NGOs, sustainable artisan startups, refugee camps, wildlife conservation organizations, eco-lodges, and more. 

In this next chapter, I aim to focus on traveling slowly and with intention. My work will revolve around bringing entrepreneurial pursuits to fruition, writing about how to travel deeper and more consciously, building a stronger meditation foundation and practice, and illuminating marginalized communities, ideas, and voices through writing and photography. 


MSc in Comparative Politics with a focus on conflict from the London School of Economics and Political Science

BA in International Studies and Development with minors in Human Rights and African Studies from the University of Washington. 

200hr YTTC from Rishikul Yogshala in Rishikesh, India

Next Up:

I intend to travel in pursuit of a book I will research and write over the next few years. The project will capture stories of refugees in an effort to elevate voices of an oft lost and silenced population. Details to come as it unfolds. 

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