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Work With Alicia

Alicia has spent the last 15 years circumventing the world and back again. She has climbed through the jungle in the DRC to reach the world's largest lava lake, feasted in the Kurdish mountains to celebrate Nowruz, and meditated in ashrams in the Himalayas. Over this time, she has experienced some of the most thrilling corners of the world, while also learning how travel can both hinder and help communities and the environment. Alicia is a storyteller, traveler, and creator passionate about helping others connect to the world in a mindful, intentional, and regenerative way. 


Creative Copywriting& Journalism 

I am an experienced journalist and copywriter passionate about telling stories that bring brands, companies, people, food places, and causes to life. Equality, sustainability, and intention are at the center of my communications strategy. 



I work with brands, restaurants, products, individuals, and places that are rooted in having a positive impact on communities and the planet. Let's work together to share your story to the world.

Traveler in Motion

Travel Consulting

I have over 25 years of experience exploring the world. I also am a travel professional who is well-connected and deeply familiar with the industry. Have some travel questions? Regenerative, home-grown experiences are my beat. Let's create your dream trip together. 

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